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Money Month 2021.03.01-31 Digital Finance 360° Opportunities and Risks

Together, we build a FinFit generation!
Online talk

(31/3/2021 8:30pm)
Across different stages of life, Hong Kong people have different financial goals. But how do we achieve them? How do we instil financial values in our children? And how do we prepare for retirement?

Anti-scam Online Quiz

Try this fun quiz to assess level of awareness and knowledge of financial scams, and the probability of becoming a victim.

Money Management Challenge - Digital Money Management

Application for this event is closed. Please visit Career Sparkle Facebook or Instagram for listed entries. (in Chinese only)

Online consumption education program

Organised by Caritas Family Crisis Line and Education Centre, a 4-week online consumption education programme aimed at helping the public to understand the different forms of online purchase, trends and traps of consumption and become smarter consumers.

Money Management Challenge - Fairy Tale Story

It is very important for children to learn money management when they grow up. Good financial habits can help them achieve their goals. This challenge invites children to create an innovative ending to the financial fairy tale story “Where is the Pinecone?”.

Understanding Insurance Digital Onboarding

To know more about insurance digital onboarding and become a smart policy holder, visit the Insurance Digital Onboarding webpage of the Insurance Authority to learn the smart tips for online self-service insurance and virtual onboarding via video conferences with intermediaries.

Hong Kong Financial Literacy Championship 2021

Organised by Hong Kong Economic Journal, secondary students learn about privacy protection, cybersecurity and the importance of prudent financial planning. Please visit the event website for details.

Global Money Week

Organised by the OECD/INFE, Global Money Week is an annual global campaign on the importance of financial literacy among children and young people. The campaign’s official slogan is Learn.Save.Earn, advocating the importance of Financial Literacy among the younger generations as well as their friends and families.