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Hong Kong Money Month is entering its third year following success in the past.

In 2017, we encouraged people to talk about money. In 2018, we motivated them to set financial goals. This year’s campaign is themed Plan For Your Future: Act now! to urge the public to act to realise their financial priorities, as part of our effort to implement the Financial Literacy Strategy (formerly known as Hong Kong Strategy for Financial Literacy).

We call on the public to Pledge to take action and participate in Money Month 2019 activities. We believe that everyone can be the Action Man of their own finance if they take concrete actions.

We will again collaborate with stakeholders including the Government, finance, education, NGOs and media sectors to roll out wide-ranging activities and resources to deliver financial education. We welcome more organisations to run activities or schedule their planned ones during Money Month.

Look forward to seeing you take part in Money Month 2019!

Lester Huang
Chairman, Investor and Financial Education Council

About Hong Kong Money Month 2019

Hong Kong Money Month 2019 is co-ordinated by the Investor and Financial Education Council (formerly Investor Education Centre) as part of its effort to implement the Financial Literacy Strategy and is supported by the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau, the Education Bureau, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the Insurance Authority, the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority and the Securities and Futures Commission.

Through this month-long campaign, all walks of life in Hong Kong including students, parents, adults, retirees, the under privileged, etc. would have many opportunities to learn about financial planning and money management.

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