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Every year in March, the IFEC spearheads Hong Kong Money Month, a territory-wide campaign to raise awareness of the importance of investor and financial education across all walks of life in Hong Kong. Due to the pandemic situation, the majority of our activities will be carried out virtually.

The theme for HK Money Month 2021 is “Digital Finance 360°: Opportunities and Risks”, with a focus on digital and online money management, investing, scam prevention and cybersecurity topics. Among the many outcomes of the pandemic is accelerated digital transformation – affecting almost all aspects of life.

In light of this transition, we have recently conducted a survey to study the usage of digital financial management in Hong Kong, to study how we can better assist the public in making informed financial decisions and to tap on the opportunities brought about by the digital evolution.

Among those surveyed, some 75% said they had used some form of digital financial services in the past year, mostly being online banking, followed by payments and investing.

Close to half of the respondents reported having experienced online scams. Amidst the backdrop of a challenging economy, digital transformation and the rise of digital scams, it becomes increasingly important to be well-equipped with sound money management knowledge and digital skills to ensure our financial wellbeing. As such, this year’s theme is such a timely and relevant one.

On behalf of the IFEC, I would like to extend an invitation for you to take part in Money Month 2021 and embark on this digital learning journey with us!

Lester Huang
Chairman, Investor and Financial Education Council

About Hong Kong Money Month 2021

Hong Kong Money Month 2021 is co-ordinated by the Investor and Financial Education Council (formerly known as the Investor Education Centre). This campaign is supported by the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau, the Education Bureau, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the Insurance Authority, the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority and the Securities and Futures Commission.

Through this month-long campaign, people from all walks of life in Hong Kong including students, parents, adults, retirees, the under privileged, etc. will have many opportunities to learn about financial planning and money management.

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About Hong Kong Money Month 2021

Mr Ashley Alder, Chief Executive Officer of the Securities and Futures Commission

Mr Lester Huang, Chairman of the Investor and Financial Education Council

Ms Dora Li, General Manager of the Investor and Financial Education Council

Ms Kandy Wong, Hong Kong Money Month 2021 Ambassador

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