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This year’s theme

Plan For Your Future: Act Now!

Our dreams will not materialise if we take no action. It is therefore important for everyone to set financial goal and take on a plan to work towards that goal. If we can make the best use of the online tools and resources available, everyone of us can be a Superhero of Money Management.

What do they say?

Highlight of the Launch Ceremony

Supporters' Messages

Chu Fun – personal tips on money management

Jim Yan – personal tips on money management

Ning Sit – personal tips on money management

Ways to take action

Step 1: Identify actions to meet your financial goal

Commit to your goal by creating a plan with the necessary actions and clear strategies to achieve it. Adhere to this plan to keep your finance on track. Take the first step and pledge to act now!

Step 2: Improve your financial knowledge

Financial education is a lifelong process. There is abundant information that can support us in achieving our goals. Whether it’s learning about investment concepts, financial products, insurance protection, scam prevention or general financial planning for specific life stages, you can always look out for free and unbiased information and events to help you get ahead.

Step 3: Track your progress with useful tools

Use this suite of free and unbiased money management tools to help you with your day-to-day budgeting, work out your retirement needs, assess your insurance coverage or even for unique occasions like your wedding or home renovations.