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This year’s theme

Invest in Yourself

Invest in Yourself

With more than two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals and households alike are finding ways to adapt to the new normal, and this presents a good opportunity to relook at how we can improve our overall well-being, and in particular our financial wellness. We would like to use the theme “Invest in Youself” to encourage the public to take action to gain new skills and knowledge, cultivate good investment and money management habits, and start planning for their financial goals.

How to “Invest in Yourself”
Gaining new skills and knowledge Breaking bad habits Planning and goal setting
Gaining new skills and knowledge

• Equip our next generation with money management skills

• Use of digital financial platforms, tools and online calculators

• Pay attention to cybersecurity and scam prevention

• Keep up with new trends, investment opportunities, technology, products, etc.

Breaking bad habits

• Poor debt management

• Procrastinating on financial management

• Looking out for get-rich-quick investment opportunities

Planning and goal setting

• Improve overall financial wellbeing

• Save regularly

• Actively manage one’s investment portfolio

• Life protection

• Estate planning